The Darkness Fades in but the Light Still Shines Through

Hello! If you're reading this, I'd like to say that I've just added a new page to the website for an idea I got. It's in the navigation bar labeled as 'Midnight District'!

I spent a lot of time making it! I put a lot of work into the art especially and I'm really proud of how the layout turned out! It's probably my second favorite page of my website, aside from the Home Page / Index.

I don't want to spoil anything, since I'm still working out on the plot and things can be subject to change, but I do plan on making this a written story with art involved (header art, character art, important scenes, etc.) that will hopefully become something memorable. However, i'll admit I'm not the best writer. My range in vocabulary and grammar is questionable sometimes. But that won't deter me! Probably.

Anywho... The Midnight District page is just a taste of what I have in mind. I will admit a large majority of them taken inspiration from pre-existing Undertale-related characters, places, and other ideas, but I hope to make them as distinct enough to be loved in their own way. Hopefully, the world I'm creating will be an enjoyable experience and something I can enjoyably make as well.

So...Yeah! I have huge plans! Though, I do also want to focus on smaller things first before that. I plan on updating some of Midggit's dialogue and updating The Gang page to finish 'H' and Guy's profiles. Maybe, if its not too ambitious and within my skill, I'll give 'H' some dialogue as well when you select 'classic' in the Select Theme options.

Oh. Also I added sone new Not_Found pages, so have fun finding those!

* Ribbit. Thank you all for reading!

* We'll see you soon!

-- Chewychip 6/5/2024


The last few days have been pretty active for me now that I got a ton of time to invest into my hobbies! There's a lot of new art and html pages I managed to create in such a short amount of time and I'm proud of them all! You can find them sprinkled asround the website, especially if you happen to go to a page that doesn't exist. Have fun!

...OH! Something super imporatant I wanna mention before I go!!!

As it's probably clear, I'm a super huge fan of froggits! I love them so much and my entire website is pretty much tied to them! So you can probably imagine the visceral reaction I had when I logged onto (I refuse to call it 'X') and saw a froggit-like plushie Shayy was promoting:

[Audio-to-Text Recording] "OH MY [Text Removed] GOD, WAHT!? AJSHNCJHJNJNASKELW!"

Even though it's "not a froggit", Shayy-TV is working with Makeship to make a very 'froggit-like' frog plushie!

So if you love froggits as much as me, or like what Shayy does for the Undertale community, consider buying a "not a froggit" frog plushie from Makeship's website! (link below).

* Ribbit! Ribbit! This is a dream come true! A marketable plushie similar to my likeness!

I can't wait to lovingly and violently thrash him and squeeze him when he arrives!

* w-what?

--[Shayy Froggit Plushie Link!]--

-- Chewychip 5/16/2024

New Hubs & Other Changes

Bleck- Recently I've been inactive and kinda not putting in as much effort as I should in life (don't worry tho, I'm completely fine! Just been lazier than usual lol!), but I managed to at least get one thing done! The Hubs for my (nonexistent) stories and gallery! So now they're super simple in design and aren't a pain to use on mobile! They also fit on partically any tab size as an added bonus (I think)! I hope you all like them as much as I do!

In other news, I kinda decided to get rid of Roblox/Regretevator stuff on the website and move many of the images into a new gallery called Web Art Scraps . I realized I want this website to focus mostly on Undertale related content rather than having a mix of both Roblox and Undertale. I still love Roblox and stuff related to it, but I don't want to create an amalgamated beast of a website lol!

But yeah, this meant removing a lot of planned OCs I had in the character/gang page and letting their art rot in a scrap gallery. A lot of wasted effort, but at the very least we can look at them still!

That doesn't mean I wont sometimes talk or post art about Roblox and other fandoms though, that'll still happen, I just want to keep one aesthetic and one main focus. Thanks for understanding!

-- Chewychip 5/8/2024


Okay, So I should've probably been focusing on redoing character templates as well as the Gallery and Story Hub but... Well. I got very, very distracted and added four new themes to choose from! I thought: "hey! Maybe the site gets a bit boring visiting it everytime so why not give something to spice it up a bit?" So that's what I did! New themes!

...I wasted...Like...Hours of my life on it.

* Congrats. Ribbit. (Idiot.)

* Sigh... You also dragged in another soul into this place...

Oh! Right! Them. The old mascot before the website was revamped.

* Who are they even? Are they... Here by choice?

They didn't exist by choice, but are here by choice!

* Croak... That's a relief.

Why don't we give them the spotlight for a second? Shoo! Shoo!

* Ribbit?!

(Midggit 'ran' away)

(Chewychip left)

* Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, visitor.

* Perhaps you've seen me in the first iteration of this 'world'.

* Perhaps you have not.

* I cannot tell.

* For those who haven't seen me yet, you may refer to me as 'H'.

* I hope you've had fun here.

* I intend to have my fun here as well.

* Let us see if the outcome of this place will be satisfactory.

(H moved to 'Classic Theme')

Not Going As Planned

Hey guys! Small update on the character profiles I was making. Looking through them...I kinda hate them. I dunno why, but they just don't feel great looking at them. I feel like a lot of the additions seem excessive. Yeah, I want each one to be unique in a way (especially Midggit), but the template I made for them doesn't feel like it matches the rest of the pages on my website, not to mention getting them to be compatible with smaller sizes is a whole frickin' nightmare!

So! New plan! Build up the energy to restart from scratch!

But don't worry, the current ones will remain up until I properly replace them! Hopefully, the new one will be more friendly for smaller pages and look way neater than whatever the hell the current one is!

Also I'm seeing the same issue with the Gallery and Story pages, so those may get redone as well hopefully.

Also also, I'm too lazy to update the featured. Sorry XD

Edit: Okay, I'll update the featured...

Update Plan

Hey guys, Chewychip here with my friend Midggit here!

* We got a special annoucment regarding the layout of the website, so listen up! Ribbit!

That's right! We are (somewhat) redesigning the website for a third time!

* Don't worry, it won't be anything extreme!
* ...code-wise.

The plan is pretty simple, change the colors from red to hot pink, get rid of the normal heart and replace with a monster soul, and give the place a uniquer feel. We don't really want to spend another week redoing everything, just making a few small edits to prexisting things.

* Croak. That said, you might see the website change a bit in the following days, so expect that.

Regretevator FanFic

I'm currently working on a fanfic on Ao3 known as Depressorail ! Currently it has three chapters with a little over 8k words!
I'm not the best writer and I often find myself struggling to be creative with my words while trying to not end each chapter on a boring note, but I hope some of you will like it! If you happen to check it out, any comments are appreciated (even critism)!

Find It Here!
Depressorail fanfic

Ribbit Ribbit (A poem by Midggit)

Ribbit ribbit ribbit rroak,
Croak ribbit hop, hop hop hop hop
Ribbit. Ribbit ribbit
ribbit croak croak croak

(This poem has yet to be translated into English. If you're fluent in Froggit as well as English and would like to help deciphering the poem, please message MidgetFrog on UnderNet.)

Website Renamed

Hey y'all! With the new updates to the Website, I've decided I'm renaming it finally! No longer will it be known as Hateful Glitch, but instead SoulBound!...Okay so the website is still named Hateful Glitch, BUT IT'LL STILL BE SOULBOUND TO ME! I thought it was a good name considering that this website is mainly about my intrests, art, and writing! In a way, this website is a piece of my soul bound to pages on a screen for you all to look at. I could change the website name, but I think I might find a way to incoperate it still somehow.

The most recent update with Midggit may not seem like much, but I'm extremly proud about it since I know nearly nothing about Javascript at all! Now Midggit can say things and even change depending on certain text!

Big Redesign

A lot has changed with most of the pages now having a Undertale textbox-like theme to it, including matching character fonts! I've gotten rid of most of the edginess the old website used to have and tried to go for something much nicer and plesant to look at. Future pages will probably retain the black and white instead of black and red now.

The mascot is old mascot also gone, but I'm sure you'll like the new one even more! Welcome Midggit to the page! He's my intepretation of froggits and one of the stronger ones of his generation, hence the crown often seen on final froggits. He loves flying and being a sociable lil fella so be nice to him or else!!!

Finally, the website will be more focusing on my intrests rather than a set fandom, so while Undertale themes my be dominate, things related to Regretevator, Warrior Cats, and anything else will appear as well. It'll be one hell of a werid concotion but it's how I like my website brewed!

Thus this ends my association with Glitchtale. It's time to focus on better things!

this is a footnote